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Kosher Wave

Kosher Bamboo Hair/Beard Brush

Kosher Bamboo Hair/Beard Brush

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  • The KoSher Bamboo Hairbrush™ is an amazing cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and plant-based hairbrush that is made from 100% bamboo bristles with flexible massaging nylon ball-tipped pins. The massaging pins detangle the hair while giving the scalp a revitalizing massage every time you brush! The soft bristles help to eliminate frizz, breakage, and dry hair while restoring shine to the hair by evenly distributing natural oils from root to tip. In addition, the KoSher Bamboo Hairbrush™ will also improve scalp health by stimulating blood flow from the follicles to the scalp which releases vital nutrients that promote hair growth. It is ergonomically designed with your hair and scalp in mind. It is perfect for all hair types. A healthy scalp produces healthy hair!.

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