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Barber Magic Pencil "Pearl White" (Two Six Pack)

Barber Magic Pencil "Pearl White" (Two Six Pack)

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  • Barber Magic Pencil White Pearl to enhance thin or create fuller Hairline               

  • Feature/benefit > enhance hairline to give a crispy sharp look 

  • Feature/benefit > enhance beardhairline and mustache to give a define look. Feature/benefit > Works very well on lighter skinned complexion

  • Package quantity – you will receive  12 pieces of barber pencil with built-in sharpener  
  • Perfect trace – This barber magic pencil is designed to draw definite lines that gives a professional tracing and helps to achieve a desired and symmetrical hairline, best for beard, mustache and eyebrow arches leaving behind a cool finish
  • Act as a Filler – Do you have an uneven hairline? All you need is our magic product which works best as a filler too. Use this to fill the gaps in beard, hairs and mustache, you can apply it to your beard trimming outlines, hairline line-ups, goatee leveling, or eyeliner tracing
  • High quality and safe material – Its high-quality material that keeps this barber magic pencil smoother. It remains sharper for a longer period of time. No clogging and smudge proof. Safe to use on sensitive skin
  • Easy to use and store- Lightweight and small enough to carry and store it in a tool kit. Glides on effortlessly. You can get precise tip through built-in sharpene
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