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Kosher Wave

Brush/Pomade Combo

Brush/Pomade Combo

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Cruelty Free, Eco-Friendly and 100% ALL NATURAL KoSHER Wave Brush

The KoSHER Wave Brush has all natural bristles which are made from the Agave lechuguilla Plant located in the deserts of Mexico.

All natural bristles are strong, durable and firm enough to remove dead skin or loose hair while gentle enough not to scratch or damage sensitive scalp.

The wood on The KoSHER Wave Brush is made from the Longan tree which has minerals, iron, copper, potassium and magnesium in it.

The KoSHER Wave Brush is Cruelty Free, Eco friendly and Vegan alternative to using Boar Bristle wave brushes.

The KoSHER Wave Brush ergonomic hand design allows it to sit comfortably in the hand whild creating and brushing your waves with ease.

The KoSHER Wave Brush has a unique design which means No two brushes are alike.

The KoSHER Wave Brush decreases the amount of energy needed to create waves in half teh time while achieving perfect waves.

Cleaning the Kosher Wave Brush is a breeze. Just use warm wather and mild liquid soap to remove dirt and hair. Rins thoroughly with warm water adn place in open air to dry.


THE KoSHER Wave Brush revitalizes/reparis the scalp by removing top layer toxins/oil build up while unblocking clogged follicles which helps to stimulate blood flow to the follicles to release vital nutrients that promotes hair growth.

The KoSHER Wave Brush gives a soft scalp massage when brushing the hair which stimulates the sebaceous glands to help distribute the natural sebum from the scalp throughout the ends of teh hair.

The KoSHER Wave Brush brings out the natural sheen in the hair.

The KoSHER Wave Brush makes hair more manageable when creating the desired wave pattern and it’s an excellent grooming brush for medium to coarse hair textures.

The KoSHER Wave Brush conforms to fingers and thumbs creating a natural firm grip which gives better control when brushing to create waves that’s FUN and EASY to use.

The KoSHER Wave Brush helps to relieve/reduce fatigue in the hand and wrist areas for both stylists and users.

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