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Kosher Wave

Hair Conditioning Spray

Hair Conditioning Spray

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The SHAWTY RED Conditioning Hair/Beard Growth Conditioning Spray is our very own growth
conditioning/thermal spray protectant that helps soften the cuticle while penetrating the hair shaft giving
strength from the inside out. It produces an awesome sheen, stronger hair with more volume and fullness. Its
light weight and greaseless formula allows it to be used also as a daily leave in conditioner.

The SHAWTY RED Hair/Beard Growth Conditioning Spray helps the beard to grow by penetrating the skin
underneath causing stimulation of blood flow from the follicles releasing the blood and natural oils to flow
freely up the hair shaft and to the skin. It also helps to alleviate “beardruff”, dry skin & ingrown hair giving the beard fullness, volume, amazing sheen & thermal protectant all in one!

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