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Wooden Comb

Wooden Comb

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The SHAWTY RED Wood Beard combs prevent the facial skin underneath the beard from drying out. It helps to distribute the natural oils from the follicles, (underneath the skin of the beard), to the ends of the beard hair shaft which helps to eliminate “beardruff”, ingrown hairs thus producing a natural sheen to the beard. You can also use it to comb your hair as well!

Unlike plastic combs, the SHAWTY RED Wood Beard Comb doesn’t produce or conduct static electricity which also prevents the ends of your beard to split from damage. For short or long hair, the SHAWTY RED Wood Combs are best because they evenly distribute hair oils throughout the length of your hair. The sebum that’s produced on the scalp is distributed throughout the hair shaft which prevents the scalp from getting greasy. It also produces a natural healthy sheen to the hair and scalp.

We recommend NEVER using water to clean the SHAWTY RED Wood Beard Comb. ONLY use natural oils like Jojoba Oil to clean them. The SHAWTY RED Wood Beard Comb will last a lifetime when cleaned & taken care of correctly!

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